Friday, 17 December 2010

Cooking With Me, Part Deux...

Wagwan breadbins,

This week, I will be mostly cooking, 'Chilli Con Carne'. Prepare to fart fire. Señor Alejandro presents...

What you will need! (For 2 Hombres)

1x Marks & Spencer Chilli Con Carne Sauce (fancy)
1x Tin of Kidney Beans
1x Pot of Sour Cream
1x Leek
300g Minced Beef
??? (Fuck Knows) Rice
1x bottle of cooking wine (Merlot)
1x bottle of olive oil
Chilli Powder
Cumin (No, you dirty bastards)

Note: The principle is very much the same to Signor Alessandro's 'Spag Bol'. This time however you will need a frying pan as opposed to a cooking pot.

Step 1:

* Chop the leeks length-ways and wash, then slice into quarters. Dice. (Cut the ends off and peel away first few layers beforehand).
* Add rice to cold water and put on the hob. Turn hob on.
* Fry that shit.

Step 2:

* Add the minced meat in with the leeks and mix. Make sure to break up the meat.
* Add 2tbs of chilli powder and 1tbs of cumin. Mix.
Step 3:

* Add a glass full or so of Merlot and simmer for 5mins.
* Add the tin of kidney beans. Stir in.

Step 4:

* Add the Chilli Con Carne Sauce
* Leave the Chilli to cook/simmer on a low heat for 15-20mins while the rice cooks. Note: You will be wanting to steam the rice after the water boils, so keep the lid on.

Step 5:

* To add a little bit of 'umph', you may want to add a few knobs (Hur Hur Hur) of butter to the rice about 5mins before you serve.

Step 6: 

* Dish that mothafucker up!
* Garnish with either sour cream (if you're a pussy) or grated cheese (if you're a total G like me).

End Result:

(Disclaimer: Experiences may vary from person to person)