Monday, 3 January 2011

TV Series: Falling Skies

I've noticed a trend of late, both in television and hollywood. There appears to be a current fascination of post-apocalyptic scenarios and how disparate groups of survivors deal with their new circumstances. The latest to throw its hat into this crowded emporium is TNT's 'Falling Skies'. Produced by Steven Spielberg (taking time out from his other hobby, World War II), Falling Skies is about the aftermath of an alien attack on Earth where surviving groups of humans have banded together on the outskirts of the major cities to form some sort of resistance. At the centre of Falling Skies is Tom Mason (Noah Wyle), a Boston history professor whose family is torn apart by the alien invasion. With his wife dead, and one of his three sons abducted by the aliens, Tom becomes a core leader of the resistance, utilizing all his military knowledge in an effort to gain the upper hand. A somewhat bland, if not ridiculous concept then. I'm not quite sure what use Tom's knowledge of human military history will bring to a conflict against highly advanced beings from another planet with utterly alien motivations and technical expertise, but it might be interesting anyway.

Still, judging by the premise and the trailer, Falling Skies doesn't look particularly unique when compared to shows in a similar vein such as The Walking Dead and V. In fact, it looks exactly like V. However, with the added zeel of Spielberg and Dreamworks behind it, Falling Skies may yet pull a surprise or two. But if this show is to be a success, it needs to somehow distinguish itself in what seems quickly becoming to be a saturated market.

What is interesting however is the sudden rise of this post-apocalyptic survival genre. With conspiracy theories abound and 2012 only around the corner, there might just be some truth to the prophesied doomsday events set to unfold in the next couple of years. Just maybe then there's something the 'elites' aren't telling us. Perhaps, if the-powers-that-be know what is to come, then these shows and movies might be a way to subconsciously prepare the masses without deep underground bunkers. Just a thought...

(Puts on tin foil hat)