Monday, 18 April 2011

New Arsenal 2011/2012 Kits

These are reportedly the new Arsenal kits for next season. The most noticeable difference is the wreath surrounding the badge, similar to that of the original Woolwich Arsenal crest from way back in the 19th century. The idea of this is to commemorate Arsenal's 125 year anniversary.

It's been a while since Arsenal have had a decent home kit in my opinion, with the last being that for the 06/07 season. This one isn't particularly imaginative as things go either. As for the away shirt, we appear to have a set of sleeping undergarments. While it somewhat harks back to the infamous 'lightning stripes' design of the 95/96 season, a personal favourite of mine, I couldn't imagine wearing this kit anywhere other than bed. It's a shame really, because whoever designed our blue striped away kit for the 09/10 season really nailed it and was probably the best Arsenal shirt in the last fifteen years. It's really a travesty that clubs now change their kits every season as opposed to previous system of 'every other', all in the name of increased revenues.

Still, with the way we're playing at the moment it perhaps only fitting we wear nightgowns. Bananas in pyjamas and all that. Especially you, Eboue! (No racial).


Anonymous said...

Though he could use a banana