Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Corporate Douchebag

First it is worth pointing out that it has been alleged this is a member of 'The Yes Men', a well known culture jamming group. Mr Rastani appears so money driven, his remarks so repugnant that many cannot believe he's real and thus this must be satire. The Yes Men also have a precedent for getting on mainstream news when co-founder Andy Bichlbaum posed on BBC World as a Dow Chemical company spokesman.

But if Alessio Rastani, if that is his real name, is a fictional character then a lot of work seems to have gone into him. He has a twitter account which has been active for around two years and a blog which was started in February 2010. He was also quoted in an article on France24 explaining the difficulties people in Iran face with finding love.

Whoever he is, just bear in mind that when you lie in bed tonight worrying about your job, whether you can pay next month's rent or feed your kids, he could very conceivably be the kind of psycho sitting in his Ivory Tower on Wall Street controlling your fait.