Friday, 16 September 2011

How Your Smart Phone Is Made

Phone Story was available only a mere 3-hours before Apple pulled it from their App Store. One can only assume it hit a little too close to home...


AP said...

Have you heard of Molleindustria before?

There games are always interesting and politically charged, that's their manifesto. I wouldn't take everything they say at face value, they really skew things toward their agendas.

But I agree with the sentiment, and I don't doubt some of the data.

Regardless - ROFL AT APPLE! :-D

Alekazam said...

I don't doubt they have an agenda (who doesn't?), but which bit don't I take at face value?

This bit?

Or this one?

They're highlighting already well-documented stuff if you cba to go verify it. The issue they're going with here is that most people are too apathetic to give a shit.