Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Posk: Cultural Learnings of Poland for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of United Kingdom

This, my chavvy young friends, is 'Posk'; the Polish cultural centre situated in Ravenscourt, West London. That's on the District Line (or 'the green one' if you're an utter simpleton). Why was I there, I hear you ask, the pitch of your voice rising. Well, save the fact I'm half Polish and thus have every damn right to hang with my Polack brethren, the area has a couple of Polish food shops stocked with goodies ordinarily unavailable in the UK. So, it comes to that time of year where, in order to celebrate the magical evening of Wigilia (Google it), we need the appropriate food stuffs. Having said that, Tesco already pretty much caters to most needs of the UK's 500,000+ Polish population, stocking everything from beer to confectionary...
Fucking Russians...
Traditional Christmas Display