Saturday, 18 December 2010

White Christmas

Man-made Global Warming strikes again. "We're causing the planet to heat up!!!". Yeah, when hell freezes over...erm, waitaminute...

Anywho, seeking to satisfy my inner child, I, perhaps somewhat foolishly, decided to take a little wander in this winter wonderland. Amusingly, those idiots who thought it a good idea to take their cars out for a drive found the treacherous conditions somewhat challenging to navigate. Oh how I chuckled when one car actually began sliding backwards down my hill.

But as I plodded around observing the immobilized automobiles lining the road and pondered the conceivability of how such cataclysmic scenes of chaos keep repeating year after year in a supposedly 'first world country' brought to its knees by two-inches of snow, I noticed something quite heart warming. People were getting out of their cars, and some even venturing from their homes, to help dig out the stranded motorists in an attempt to keep traffic flowing. Definitely a scene that was enough to restore anyone's faith in humanity.