Tuesday, 21 December 2010

"You Can't Win Anything With Kids..."

...so Alan Hansen infamously lamented on Manchester United's title hopes back in 1995. He was, of course, wrong. Dead wrong. Not only did Sir Alex's kids disprove him by winning the Premiership that season, but so did I, taking Wolverhampton Wanderers to unparalleled heights of glory some twenty years later in the 2015/16 season. Of course this is not reality, nor have I travelled into the future with a time machine. I am talking about Football Manager 2011, naturally.

With a squad averaging a mere 23years of age, I have managed to turn relegation battlers Wolves into title competitors in the space of six seasons. If the Premiership was not enough to impress you, I also pulled off a treble, winning both the League Cup against Manchester City and the UEFA Europa League against Liverpool. Notable mention also to being runner up in the European Super Cup against Manchester United.

This is the winning line-up. Some faces you will recognise, others not. The spine of the team consisted of Joe Hart in goal, Shawcross as 'Captain Fantastic' organising the back-line, while Jack Rodwell provided the steel in midfield. However, the man that made headlines was 22-year old striker Connor Wickham, who finished as the Premier League's top goalscorer by racking up an impressive 26 goals. In total he managed 30 goals in 45 games! Other faces you may recognise are Kieran Gibbs at left back, who develops into a very solid and competent player. Scott Dann also develops positively and is a firm centre back when Phil Jones, current Blackburn prodigy, is unavailable. And yes, that Diego you see in midfield is 'the' Diego of Wolfsburg and Juventus fame. At the grand age of 31, he is the oldest player in my squad. The rest are either regens or hot prospects you might not have heard of. Aurier is possibly the hottest young right-back in the game and it was a good job I got him early before his value appreciated. The same can not be said for Lukaku, who actually turns into a total beast. It took me a near £15million to pry him away from Chelsea.

I shan't ramble any longer, but I thought I would share my magnificent achievement with you. I mean, seriously, Wolves...Champions?